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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Triangle Looms and Continuous Strand Weaving
Beautiful and Functional

Recently our members have been diving into weaving with square, triangle, and rectangle looms.  Carol Leigh has published a wonderful book on Continuous Strand Weaving Method,
for Triangle, Square, and Rectangle Frame Looms. 
For those that missed the meeting where we talked about the process, I thought I would post some pictures and links on where to find more information and purchase tools and books to get started.

Square Loom

Small Triangle Loom with tools and carry bag made from the loom.

Small Triangle Loom and Carol Leigh's book

Triangle Loom with Stand

Some models of the triangle loom are adjustable up to 7 feet wide.  This gives you the option of making more than one size with a single loom.

Triangle loom from side to show detail

Carol Leigh's book Continuous Strand Weaving Method, for Triangle, Square, and Rectangle Frame Looms can be found at Hillcreek Fiber Studio's website.  It is available in Hard Cover $74.00 and Soft Cover $64.00.  It is a wonder addition and investment in your weaving library.

Hillcreek Fiber Studio has a wonderful selection of looms and experience to help you choose your first loom and get you started. You can search the web and find various sites with instructions on how to make your own loom, if you feel inclined to do so!  There are also many sites that sell looms, sites that teach you how to get started and even videos on

Working on a small triangle loom by WeaverHazel.

Setting up a rectangle loom by fineweaver.

If you think you would like to learn more and have a more hands on experience we have some wonderful loom weavers in the guild that can walk you through at your own pace.  Contact me or any other guild member to get started!


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