Monthly Meetings

The Valley Weavers & Spinners meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month. Social Hour starts at 6:00 pm and the meetings start at 7:00 pm. We meet at the Denkmann-Hauberg house at 1300 24th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201.

If you are a gps funster here are the coordinates:
41.4993, -90.567195

N41° 29.958', W090° 34.0317'(precision: address)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Valley Weavers & Spinners Meeting
November 3 - 6:00 social hour - 7:00 Meeting
Hauberg Civic Center, Rock Island, IL

Congratulations VW&S members! 
Shepherdess Lee Ann reported at our meeting that through our generous donations over the years to Heifer International, we have collected $1710 to purchase 9 sheep @$120, 1 llama @ $150, and 1 knitting basket @ $480 [a llama, sheep, angora goat, and rabbit]. 

Upcoming Events:
- Winter in Bloom - Open House at Hauberg, December 6
- November day trip to Dubuque and Galena

Monday, August 31, 2015

Valley Weavers & Spinners Meeting
Tuesday - September 1
Hauberg Center, Rock Island
6:00 Social Hour - 7:00 Meeting

Program:  Abi and Gail have been working through the yarns in Sarah Anderson’s book — The Spinners Book of Yarn Designs.  They have been experimenting with ideas in her book, making different types of yarns which they will show and tell us about. 

Upcoming Events

September 11-13 — Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, east of Madison…

October 17 - Bishop Hill Spin In…… Mossville Jr. High near Peoria.

October 10 - Iowa Federation Meeting… Pocahontas, Iowa, Hosted by Little Sioux Spinners and Weavers of Northwest Iowa    Lara Neel, the guest speaker, is the author of Sock Architecture, a book to guide you into the world of knitting the most unique, wonderful, and awesome socks of your life. She is also a spinner and weaver who is learning to sew. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Valley Weavers & Spinners Meeting
Tuesday, July 7 - 6:00 Fiber Hour, 7:00 Meeting

Program:  Midwest Weavers Conference … Recap … Photos, projects and inspiration from Minnesota — Vicky, LeeAnn and Linda

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Valley Weavers & Spinners Meeting
May 5 - Hauberg Center Rock Island
6:00 Social Hour - 7:00 Meeting

Program - Weaving theme

Another Sheep was Donated to Heifer International!   We purchased another sheep for $120 and still have $112 in the fund, thanks to our small-but-mighty white elephant sales at meetings.

May 9 — Shepherds Market Fiber Festival at Amana Woolen Mill
June 13-14 — Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival
June 18-20 — Midwest Weavers Conference
June 27 — River City Fiber Arts Festival, 9-4, Peoria Center Exhibit Hall, 201 SW Jefferson Ave, Peoria

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015 -- Fiber Day
VW&S met at SW Branch Library for weaving, spinning and knitting.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valley Weavers & Spinners
Meeting - March 3, 2015  
6:00 Social Hour, 7:00 Meeting
Hauberg Center, Rock Island

Threading a Loom, front to back.  This will be a hands-on / group participation review of the process we teach in our weaving classes.  We will help each other as we offer suggestions and ideas as we thread a loom together.